Healthy Plans, Come Rain or Shine!

As the evenings get darker and the weather gets chillier, it’s all too tempting to retreat to the comfort of your living room and cuddle up in front of the TV every night. Yet too much time spent slouched on the sofa is bad for you and the kids, not least your back health! So as the temperature drops, be sure to make an effort to keep the whole family active. We have even got two great ideas for you for when it’s raining (because the heavens sometimes open in Britain):

Rock Climbing

Getting some fun indoor activities on the calendar is a great idea at this time of year, because you can never rely on the weather! If it’s too cold or wet to go outdoors, there is still plenty of health-boosting indoor fun to be had if you know where to go.  Why not arrange to go to an indoor rock climbing centre? It’s a challenge the whole family can enjoy and it’s great exercise!

Ice Skating

There’s nothing more fun than wrapping up warm and gliding across the silky ice. Ice skating is a great family activity that’s also a great way to pump up your cardiovascular health.  Just try not to fall over!

With the right planning, there’s no reason to let any dreary weather dampen your fun this autumn. However, contact us at Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic or your healthcare professional before attempting these activities if you suffer or have suffered with back pain.