How does Arif start his day with Va Va Voom

Photo Booth 1If you know Arif you would have experienced his high level of energy and enthusiasm.

So we asked Arif to share his secret with us and you may be surprised at how simple the answer is.

Start the day with laying on your back in bed and breath in deeply through your nose to fill your ‘tummy’ with air for a count of 5, hold for a count of 20, and breath out through your mouth for a count of 10.

Repeat 3 times.

This optimises the exchange of oxygen in and CO2 out so you start the day with more energy and Va Va Voom!

If you want to be even more ambitious then Arif says:

“I also run 2KM most mornings before 6am and before starting work. I believe the 10 minutes of high exertion releases steroids and adrenalin into the body that boosts immunity in addition to keeping your heart and lungs in peak condtion. Doing it first thing means it becomes routine and you can get it done before the excuses to not do it come into your head!!”

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