How Many Chiropractors Does It Take To Make A Holiday?

Group PhotoAnswer: You can never have too many Chiropractors!

Melanie and Arif spent a great week in Dubrovnik with family and friends two of whom are chiropractor brother and sister. They are carrying on the family tradition as their father was a chiropractor and now two of their daughters are at chiropractic college.

Arif says, “We have all known each other for many years since before we had children and love catching up. We spend most of the week talking chiropractic, healthcare and where are we going for the next meal. One or two of us are also partial to an occasional glass of wine!” (Answers on a postcard to guess who!)

Arif also took his Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic T-shirt to the Croatian Coast:) Yes, Cliffs Chiropractic gets everywhere!

This year at least one of us was treated every day from acupuncture to rid the children of their verrucaes (yes it works and quickly!) to chiropractic for whiplash and herbal advice for detoxification.