How Cliffs helped love blossom

Sue at Cliffs Chiropractor SouthendWe’re sure you’ll recognise Sue but what many of you may not know is how Cliffs played a pivotal role in Sue meeting her partner of 11 years.

When Sue arrived at our clinic to start her shift on the 14th February 2005, she assumed it would be like any other working day. But little did she know that a delivery from a patient would change her life forever …

Sue’s journey into work was pleasant but uneventful and as always, she arrived happily; all set for a day ahead at our busy chiropractic clinic. But as she walked through the clinic doors, something was different; as lying on the doormat in a bright red envelope was a card addressed to her. And of course, it was Valentine’s Day.

Intrigued by the mystery delivery, Sue opened the neatly sealed envelope to find a beautiful Valentine’s card signed by none other than “Guess Who?” She didn’t recognise the handwriting, there were no other obvious clues as to who the anonymous sender could be and her close colleagues at our clinic seemed to be no more in the loop than her. So she put it to the back of her mind and carried on with the rest of her working week.

Two weeks later, however, Sue arrived at work to excited colleagues telling her that her secret admirer would be calling her that afternoon. And right on cue, he did! A gentleman named Paul told Sue he had sent her the Valentine’s card after seeing her when he had recently visited the clinic for an appointment. Forgetting to ask for his surname in the excitement, Sue later checked the appointment book for the date of Paul’s appointment only to discover that there had been three Pauls visiting the clinic on that date! But with a touch of Sherlock-Holmes-style-handwriting-investigation and a process of elimination, Sue was finally able to identify her mystery admirer.

She remembered him fondly.

On the 7th March (which happened to be his birthday) Sue called Paul and they arranged to go out for a meal together on the following Friday. Ever the gentleman, Paul picked Sue up from her home and had a beautiful bunch of roses waiting for her on the front seat of his van. Off they headed to Spaghetti Junction for their first of many dates.

This March, Sue and Paul will celebrate their 11th year together.

You see, Cliff’s Chiropractic Clinic really can change your life for the better!

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