Summer Sandals Could Harm Your Spine

Most of us like to dress our feet in stylish sandals during the summer, but did you know that wearing flimsy footwear can lead to or worsen back pain? According to our Cliffs chiropractor in Southend, shoes play an important part in the health of your spine.

They need to be supportive – even when the sun is out! If your feet are wobbling, slipping, and sloshing around, the extra movement travels all the way up your leg and into your spine. Think of a flip-flop – that’s exactly what they make your feet do: flip and flop!

A good shoe supports and controls the heel with a strap or a cup. With a heel that is stabilised, you provide a solid foundation for your entire spine.

The bottom line? Before you grab the trendiest pair of sandals off the shelf this summer, spare a thought for your poor spine first!

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