It’s International Walk To School Month

Every October the International Walk to School Month campaign encourages children to join hundreds of thousands of pupils across the globe to walk to school. This year the focus of the campaign is to look at ways to make the walk to school safer and easier.

The campaign website is full of information including information on how you can get involved whether you’re a parent, a school or policy maker. Here is the link to the website

Living Streets who organise the campaign in the UK released research by YouGov2018 for the start of International Walk to School month listing the top 10 most annoying thing about the school run. The top 3 include:

  1. Too many cars at the school gates (54%)
  2. Cars parking on the pavements (50%)
  3. Too much traffic on the road (45%)

As a parent (or even someone who lives by a school) you may find one of these to be your biggest annoyance too.

As chiropractors we’re keen to encourage adults and children to be more active and a walk to school is an opportunity to get in a few more steps every day.

So why not make this October your walk to school month.


Back to School Back Health

back care advice for children from cliffschiropractorsouthendIt’s back to school and back to backpacks! Many things can lead to back pain in children, such as playing sport or poor posture. But some kids have back pain because of what they’re lugging around in their backpacks everyday!

According to our Southend chiropractor, children should not carry more than 10% to 15% of their body weight in their school bags.

Backpacks come in all sizes, colours, fabrics, and shapes and help kids of all ages express their own personal sense of style. However, it is important that the backpack is safe for them.

Here are some other great tips to ensure your child stays safe when carrying their backpack this school term:

Always ensure your child uses both shoulder straps and that they wear the backpack on their back rather than over one shoulder.

Pack the largest and heaviest objects first so that they are carried lower and closest to the body.

Fill available compartments so that the load is evenly distributed throughout the backpack and items do not shift when your child moves around.

Adjust the straps so that the backpack  fits snugly to your child’s body, holding the bottom of the backpack two inches above the waist and keeping the top just below the base of the skull.

Make sure your child lifts their backpack by using their leg muscles and keeping it close to their body, rather than bending over with extended arms.

If your child wears their back pack correctly, the weight will be evenly distributed across their body, and they will be less likely to experience shoulder and neck injuries than if they carry a one shoulder bag. And of course, when they’re used properly, they’re incredibly handy!

By being aware of the advice in this article, you can help to make a big difference to the health of your child’s spine!

Our team of chiropractors at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend are experienced in treating children of all ages. If you have any concerns about your child’s back or spine then our chiropractors are here to help you. You can call us on 01702 430 430 to make an appointment with one of our chiropractors.


Pupil posture … taking care of your back starts at school

back care advice for children from our cliffs chiropractor southend Is school bad for your health? We all understand the importance of looking after our backs, especially as we get older, but should concern for our posture start even sooner…even at school age?

Arif certainly thinks so, “Over the past four years I’ve been treating more and more cases of back, neck and shoulder pain in children and teenagers and it all seems to start at school.”

“We need to take action to help them now or they will suffer in the long term.”

As a specialist paediatric chiropractor, based here at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend, Arif believes parents and carers need to understand the effect mobile devices, poor school seating and heavy rucksacks is having on the spine.

Read more on this subject in an article by Arif published in The Echo: Pupil Posture … Taking Care Of Your Back Starts At School.