Get Peddling!

Here at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend, we encourage everyone to take part in any event that benefits health and fitness – and this month it’s all about cycling!

Dig out your body-hugging shorts (classic cycling attire!), dust down your helmets and get those wheels in motion by joining in with this year’s Bike Week.

Taking place between the 11th and 19th June, Bike Week is set to attract hundreds of thousands of people to join cycling events, rethink their commutes and journeys and switch to cycling as their first choice of transport.

Bike Week 2016 has a particular focus on encouraging people to cycle to work and many participants will take part in fun workplace challenges such as finding the easiest route to their workplace or “buddying  up” with riding partners.

Southend on Sea Borough Council has a dedicated website about cycling – CycleSouthend.  We are sure you’ll find some fitness-boosting and scenic cycling routes which certainly beats sitting in spine stiffening traffic jams!

Are you going to join the hundreds of thousands of people taking part in Bike Week? You never know; it could be the start of a whole new you!

You can find out more by clicking here:

Walk Your Way Health this Year suggests a Leading Chiropractor near Leigh on Sea

exercise advice from cliffs chiropractor near leigh on seaAs a an award winning Chiropractic Clinic near Leigh on Sea, we actively encourage our patients to reap the health benefits of walking in this beautiful area. One of the routes we personally recommend exploring is the Thames Estuary Path which runs through the amazing South Essex Marshes, from Tilbury Town to Leigh on Sea. This flat, low-lying landscape which is dominated by creeks, marshes and mudflats makes for a fascinating stroll for all the family to enjoy. The view of the landscape is simply beautiful; abundant with biodiversity and history with lots of interesting attractions along the way.

Don’t worry; no one expects you to walk the full 29 mile journey (unless you want to)! If long distance walking isn’t for you but you still want to experience a fascinating and enjoyable walk, you can stroll along the five smaller routes which start and end at local train stations.

The Thames Estuary Path is easily accessible by train and connects six local train stations. (This happens to be on one of the most appealing railway lines in the country (London Fenchurch to Shoeburyness line)).

Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic near Leigh on Sea shares the following four reasons why walking is the “must do” exercise of 2016:

1. Walking is Good For Your Heart

Walking regularly can lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease. According to The Stroke Association, just 30 minutes of brisk walking every day can help to reduce the risk of stroke by up to 27 percent.*

2. Walking Keeps the Weight Off

You’ll soon shed those extra Christmas pounds if you start walking for just 30 minutes a day.

3. You’ll Get a Boost of Vitamin D

We Brits are prone to being vitamin D deficient and enjoying a stroll in the outdoors is the perfect way to get that well-needed vitamin D fix. Just make sure some skin is exposed – rolling up your sleeves for example.

4. It’s a Natural Energiser

Walking boosts circulation and enhances oxygen supply to every cell in your body. Knowing that, it’s hardly surprising that people who walk for just 30 minutes a day feel more energised and alert! Why not go for a stroll on your lunch break? You’re likely to be much more focused on your work in the afternoon (and you’ll be doing your health a whole load of favours!)

Our team of chiropractors wish you a happy and healthy 2016!

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