The UK Is In The Grip Of Its Worst Flu Season For Seven Years

health advice from our southend chiropractorFigures show that the UK is in the grip of the worst flu season since 2011. In that year swine flu was responsible for the pandemic. This year there are four strains of flu doing the rounds.

Whilst the Aussie flu strain has received a great deal of press it is not causing the most serious illnesses according to the latest report from Public Health England.

Certain people are more at risk from catching flu, such as the over 65s, pregnant women and those with serious health conditions.

To help protect yourself, Arif advises that you should still be taking Zn 15mg, Vit D3 8000iu and Probiotic tablets every morning over the winter period as a highly effective natural winter immune boost. Both he and Melanie follow this regime.

Practicing good hand hygiene can limit the transmission of flu and the spread of germs as the flu virus can live for many hours on hard surfaces.


Wave Goodbye to Winter Health Worries!

No matter how hard we try and no matter how many “pro this and pro that” food we eat, we can’t escape the fact that there are just some ailments that strike harder during winter. But as the season comes to an end and those grey skies once again turn blue, how exactly is our health likely to benefit?

Our Southend chiropractor highlights three common health complaints that take a step back during spring and summer.

1: The Common Cold

While a sniffly nose and a sore throat can come on in any season, the majority of us bear the brunt of the “lurgy” during the winter.

2: The Flu

Medically known as “influenza” the flu is much more likely to strike during the winter (doctors even call winter the “flu season”). The most effective way to avoid the flu is to keep healthy all year round – even in the summer when the illness is not so common.

3: Painful Joints

Many people who suffer from joint pain notice that their pain and discomfort gets worse in colder weather.

Good Winter!